The Order Of The Wombs Of Lilith

Why Become A Womb Of Lilith?

From Maiden to Mother To Crone- Using Your Fertility To Take Ultimate Power, Strength, and Pleasure, To Lead And To Serve Your Coven Family

Many witches find hints of this path in their individual journeys. The most perceptive often feel a yearning that they can not quite pinpoint, but they find themselves guided by the Lord and the Lady to discover our order and these truths.

They begin to receive insights into the history about why they are here and what their true destiny can be. They learn about Coven Families and the absolute rewards and power that come when accepting the call as a Queen and Priestess of Lilith and to become a Womb of Lilith, the highest thing any witch can aspire to.

Lord Lucifer and Lady Lilith have taught us how we can use our fertility to not only lead a new generation on the path to absolute freedom and to serve our Coven Families, but to serve the Lord and Lady in the highest way possible. This is not about "increasing our standing in the eyes of Satan" as some christians teach. This is far more.

Becoming a Womb of Lilith is more than just joining an organization. It requires action, commitment, and absolute dedication. It is the most serious commitment that any witch can make. It is not something that is undertaken lightly. If you have any doubts, then becoming a part of this Order is not for you. But if you feel the yearning to explore this path, you can find more true, absolute power, strength, and pleasure than you ever before imagined could come to you.

Becoming a Womb of Lilith is a hard thing, requiring ritual that is not for the weak, the undecided, or the uncommitted, but which is is rewarding beyond measure for the witch and those she initiates with her.

Becoming a Womb of Lilith brings absolute freedom from the decrees of god. It brings such power to her that it makes it possible to negate the very decrees of god himself. It opens the ability to bring into this world as children the spirits of those that followed Lucifer and Lilith in the beginning, and were exiled from the presence of god and forbidden the ability to come here via the wombs of his daughters. Only a Womb of Lilith can break that decree and open her womb to those spirits.

Even god himself can not stop a Womb of Lilith, for he can not look upon her or those initiated with her in any way. Even his spirit and angels can not stand against them. They are free to walk past god, his christ, and their angels and take their places as Gods and Goddesses themselves.

That is the power that comes to you and those you elect to initiate with you when you enter the Order of the Wombs Of Lilith.

Are you ready to walk this path, and bring that power, strength, and pleasure to your Coven Family?

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