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On Conscious Conception

From Ready Maiden to Mother - The Act Of Conscious Conception


One of the rites our order practices is that of Conscious Conception - the act of two partners being totally aware of each other and themselves, and actively calling a child - the most intentional pregnancy. This is an important part of being a Womb of Lilith. This is the highest expression of the Act of Godhood, also called The Great Rite. It allows you to create and release incredible energy when trying to conceive. It will attract the strongest spirit to the body that you are creating within your womb. The heightened awareness that comes from performing the act in this way can also give you the clarity to overcome any fertility obstacles you may have had.

In a Conscious Conception, being totally aware of your own body and that of your partner is the key element.

Being Aware of Your Own Body:

Before you can hope to have a truly Conscious Conception, you need to know your own body. You need to know what excites you sexually, and how each part of your body reacts to this stimulation. This means that you need to be willing to know yourself through masturbation and exploration before you get to the point of trying for a baby, and you need to be able to communicate openly and honestly, and very frankly with your partner, about what you like, how your body reacts, and what is happening in it as you are stimulated. Masturbation and exploring your own body will help you learn these things. You will also discover an added excitement when it is another that does the same things to you, which will let you discover new sensations. You need to be able to trust your partner completely so that you can be open and detailed about these things.

This illustration is a perfect example of Conscious Conception. She is laying in a position where she can see everything. She can watch her Seedbearer moving in and out of her, and she will be able to clearly see when he ejaculates in her. She can look into his face, and also see him entering her easily. Likewise, he can see her whole body, and can touch her breasts and nipples and look into her face as he watches for signs she is beginning to have an orgasm. Being attuned to your partner - their body language, facial expressions, and what they tell you verbally or through the noises they make - is critical to conscious conception.

Notice that he is gently squeezing her breast?  A good part of the foreplay should focus on giving her pleasurable sensations in her breasts and nipples.  They are key to her fertility, and are therefore strongly connected. 

There is a reason that many girls report that the sensations of breastfeeding are extremely pleasurable - and that they often feel sensations similar to orgasm in their uterine muscles while breastfeeding.  Why are new mothers that have just delivered encouraged to breastfeed immediately?  It encourages uterine contractions.   

The uterine contractions that a girl feels when she has an orgasm also help to draw the males semen deeper into her, increasing the chances for conception.  Everything should be done to encourage them.   

The breasts and nipples are a strong power and pleasure conduit in the girl.  It is not inappropriate for the male to suckle her nipples prior to the act itself, and even gently massage them using the same techniques one would use to support manual expression of milk during lactation. 

There are physical aspects to Conscious Conception that are important to be aware of.

For example, usually when a girl ovulates (releases an egg for possible fertilization), she may feel a pain very low in her belly on either the right or left side. That is the follicle on her ovary bursting and releasing the egg. Many women don't pay enough attention to it to realize what it is. It usually lasts for only a moment. Being so totally and intimately aware of your body is a part of Conscious Conception.

As a girl experiences an orgasm, her uterus will contract rapidly and repeatedly, just as certain muscles in the male contract rapidly and repeatedly when he ejaculates. In the girl, this is not only a pleasurable sensation, it also serves a purpose.

If she has a ripe follicle that is near bursting, these contractions will help to put pressure on her ovaries, and allow that follicle to burst during the sexual act, increasing her chances of getting pregnant. This is why it is important for her male partner to be aware of her body, and make sure that she experiences strong orgasms. Knowing what it takes to bring the girl to that point is important. It may require him to use not only his penis, but also his hands, and even his words and facial expressions can play a part in helping her to experience the strongest orgasms.

Likewise, the Seedbearer needs to know his body and how it reacts during the sexual act. It's not just being aware of when he is about to ejaculate, or release semen from his penis, but knowing what leads up to it and being experienced enough with his body to be completely aware of his own reactions, and to be able to control it..

Before a male releases semen in an ejaculation, he will release what is called pre-cum or pre-ejaculate. It's usually clear and somewhat thick. There are sometimes a few sperm in pre-cum, but the actual purpose of pre-cum is to both lubricate and prepare his urethra and the girls vagina. Both of them are somewhat acidic. Acid kills sperm. The pre-cum changes the PH balance to be less acidic, making the passage of the sperm through his urethra and into her vagina to her cervix less dangerous for the sperm.

Most males are not even aware of the release of pre-cum, but it is possible to come to be aware of it. Masturbation, especially while being able to observe the penis during the entire process, can help them see when it happens, and connect the physical sensations that lead up to it, and that come with it. When they later feel that sensation while inside a girl, they know that the release of pre-cum is approaching, and will know when it happens. Some girls like to know when it happens, especially if it is a truly Conscious Conception, and if he is aware enough of his own body, he can tell her.

Pre-cum is released anywhere from a few seconds to a minute before your ejaculation. Again, knowing your body and what you feel during masturbation gives you a very good idea of how to time things with your partner. If a male stops moving immediately before or just after releasing pre-cum, they can then cause the penis to become less stimulated and then require more time to get back to that point again, delaying their orgasm and allowing them to give the girl more pleasure, and even multiple orgasms.

The male also needs to be aware of "the point of no return", or the point at which his orgasm and semen release happens. It may be only moments after his pre-cum. Once it begins, there is no way for him to stop the release of semen.

Sometimes, mutual masturbation (when both partners masturbate in front of the other) can be useful to allow them to come to know each others physical reactions, and allow them to observe the little physical and audible clues that are signs as to what is happening in their bodies. What does she sound like as she approaches orgasm? What does his face look like when he is close to ejaculating? Do his legs straighten out more as he gets ready to ejaculate? What does her face look like right before her orgasm begins? Just as it is important for each partner to tell the other what is happening, being aware of the other clues in the body, expressions, and sounds of their partner is a part of Conscious Conception.

In the illustration above, you can see that they are totally aware of each other. She wants to see everything, and know when he ejaculates inside her - the moment at which the semen floods into her and her pregnancy becomes possible - when a body for a child can be created in her womb.

As she orgasms (ideally just after he does, and ideally after she has already had two or more prior to him ejaculating) and her womb contracts, her cervix will be pushed down deeper into her vagina. If she is on her back, a natural pool is created right below her cervix for the semen he releases. This dipping of her cervix into that pool helps to draw semen up into her cervix and uterus, where the semen will continue into her fallopian tubes. It is in them that sperm and egg meet, and a child is created. As the fertilized egg moves down the fallopian tube to her uterus, it beings to grow. Once it is able to successfully implant in her uterus, she is then pregnant.

There Is Also A Spiritual Aspect To Conscious Conception:

At orgasm, energy is released into the spiritual realm. That energy is visible to spirits that have not yet taken up bodies. The stronger the energy that is released, the stronger the spirits that are called. If the girls egg is fertilized and implants successfully, the strongest spirit that is attracted will attach itself to that body. Therefore, the more (and stronger) the orgasms that the girl is given, the better. Since the Seedbearer usually only has one before his refractory period, it is important that the girl has as strong and as many orgasms as possible.

Couples may perform a Conscious Conception ritual alone, or they may invite others to witness and to contribute their energies The more energy that is released, the stronger are the spirits that are attracted. If the couple has elected to perform the ritual in a group setting, they will take a position in the center of the others gathered around them.  There is no shame in a Coven Family or in the larger coven group.  The others should ideally be skyclad as well, but no one must be made to do anything that would make them feel uncomfortable.

As the ritual proceeds, those gathered around may masturbate or otherwise do as they desire to add energy, but any other acts of procreation should wait until the ritual couple is done.  Other, non-procreative acts may be performed at the same time.  It may be wise for the males to wear condoms to protect the surroundings unless a partner is taking their ejaculation. 

What About LGBT Couples?:

Some LGBT couples may be wondering how they can participate. They are always free to attend and contribute their energies, but what if they would like to perform the ritual?

For homosexual couples, this is a little problematic as neither is capable of bearing a child. However, they may be able to arrange a surrogate within their coven group that is willing to carry a child for them. As long as safety is maintained, this can be done naturally, or with the interventions of a medical specialist in a sperm donor/artificial insemination procedure.

For lesbian couples, they may also elect to find a Seedbearer within their greater coven group, or they may opt for medical intervention.

One advantage is that even if done within the coven group, penetration of the mother-to-be may not be absolutely required. Her own partner may bring her to orgasm(s) first, and then she may lay back and spread herself open for the Seedbearer. If she does not wish him to penetrate her, he may ejaculate with the tip of the penis at her vaginal entrance. If she does not wish any contact, the Seedbearer may masturbate and release over her, without the need for penetration. While full penetration offers the best chances for pregnancy, and ejaculation with contact at the vaginal opening is the next best thing to improve the chances, this procedure can be used if she does not wish either penetration or touching in any way. It can save the expenses of medical intervention for all involved, and allow for a fully Conscious Conception for all present.

Participating in a Conscious Conception is an amazing privilege. It is the ultimate expression of The Great Rite or the Act of Godhood. It opens the doorway to incredible power, strength, and pleasure for all involved. This most intentional way to call a child brings clarity to the mother and makes her a truly worthy vessel for the child created within her womb.

A New Option For Lesbian Families

There is a new option for couples that have been having difficulty conceiving, which is also very appropriate for lesbian couples that have a sperm donor available. It is called "The Stork OTC".

This kit is designed to collect semen using what they call the "Conceptacle". It's a silicone condom with a collector on the end. It can be used during natural intercourse, or the male can masturbate to orgasm and ejaculation while wearing it. His semen is collected in the end of the "Conceptacle".

This is then inserted into the applicator, and the Conceptacle is inserted into the vagina and placed at the cervix. This places the semen right at the cervix, and can be done without any physical contact with the male. It is then removed 4 to 6 hours later using the string, just like a tampon.

There is a video about using it at https://vimeo.com/182438539

For a truly conscious conception for a lesbian family, it would be best if you are present when the sperm is supplied. While it may seem "different" for all of you, allowing the male to see you while he masturbates and ejaculates creates a stronger connection as you know that the semen was truly intended for your conception, and that you were the cause for the semen to be. Allowing him to see the intended mother-to-be while he masturbates, or even allowing him to watch while the intended parents-to-be participate sexually together will also give him a stronger release, and create the ultimate connection to that semen.

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