The Order Of The Wombs Of Lilith



Our Order has caused quite a stir among Satanists/Luciferians. There are some people saying that some of our beliefs are contrary to "what Lilith would want".

We can tell you that they should not presume to speak for Lady Lilith. Everything we have done has been guided by Lord Lucifer and Lady Lilith.

This is the pattern they have shown us. It is not for all. It is only the strongest of Witches who demonstrate the most serious commitment to the Path of Lucifer and Lilith.

We understand that it is hard for people to hear the Truth, especially when it is something other than what they have invested their time and energy believing in. It's usually easier for people to attack the Truth, in order to protect and validate the past time and energy which they expended in what they now learn was a fruitless belief.

Accepting that the Truth does not fit their old mindset, and opening their mindset to incorporate the Truth is the hard path, but it is also the path of the Wise.

Is Anyone Forced In Your Order?

No. No one must ever be forced. That is not the way of Lucifer and Lilith.

The participation of all is voluntary, and requires a demonstrated, true commitment to the Path of Lucifer and Lilith.

How May A Coven Family Be Configured?

Coven Families may consist of a man and one or more women, a woman and multiple men, multiple women, or multiple men.

If a Coven Family is formed of only males, then they may select a seedbearer from among them, and seek a willing witch to accept the seed of their chosen seedbearer and bring forth a child for their family. They may follow this pattern for any other children they wish to bring into their family. It is also acceptable for them to be handfasted to this Witch, that she may join their family and be under their care and protection, and bring forth more children for them. Counsel is given that they should take care so as to know who the father is of each child she brings forth. The principle of Conscious Conception should be practiced by Coven Families of this nature, to prevent jealousies and for the children to know their lineage.

If you are a man wishing to create a Coven Family, it is your responsibility to make sure that you are prepared to emotionally and financially support ALL of the members of your family before embarking upon the journey.

To learn more about Coven Families visit our Coven Families page?

How many children would I be expected to bear?

That would be up to you and the others in your Coven Family. We do not recommend having more than you can afford to take care of. You will never be forced or shamed into having more, and no one in any Coven Family must ever attempt to do so.

How long have the practices of your Order been around?

The practices of Our Order were taught by Lucifer and Lilith to Eve and those of her children that would listen. They were passed down orally, lest Adam and his children who followed him discover these practices. They have been passed down through countless years and countless generations.

What proof is there of your claims?

One element of proof can be found in the scripture common to the jew, christian, and muhammadan (muslim). All of these teach that Witches should be put to death.


The ritual that is performed to become a Womb of Lilith is the ONLY ritual that can truly weaken god and cause him pain. It allows Witches to violate his edicts and bring forth into this world as children the very spirits that followed Lucifer and Lilith in the beginning and were expelled with them. This is the power of a Womb of Lilith. who must be a Witch, and it is the one thing that god truly fears.

Is it true that the ritual to become a Womb of Lilith involves an abortion?

Yes it is. The ritual to become a Womb of Lilith is a similitude of what Mary would have done with the christ which god raped into her. The ritual does involve an intentional pregnancy with a planned outcome of abortion. This is why christians, jews, and muhammadans fear our order, and why only the strongest of Witches will elect to follow this path.

The ritual to become a Womb of Lilith requires one Witch that will act as the Womb of the Ritual. She may select attendants, witnesses, and guards to participate in the ritual. She may also select her Seedbearer. All that are in full attendance of the ritual are covered by her act, and become Wombs of Lilith or Seedbearers of Satan.

Do you pick the Coven Family that a Witch will join, or are they free to choose who they will be with?

All such decisions are up to the individual Witch.We do not force anyone into a particular Coven Family.

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