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Fertility and Conception

From Ready Maiden to Mother - The Fertility Journey Continues



In general, one of your two ovaries will release one ripe egg every month. If that egg is fertilized by a sperm provided by a male and implants in the lining of your womb, you will become pregnant and move from maiden to mother. If this does not happen, the lining of your womb that was prepared to receive the fertilized egg will be shed during your period, a new lining will form, and you will ovulate again - most likely from the ovary that did not ovulate the previous time, and the cycle will happen again.

The first day of your period is "day 1". If your cycle repeats every 28 days then you will most likely ovulate (release a ripe egg) on day 14. If your cycle repeats every 21 days them you will most likely ovulate on day 7. If your cycle repeats every 31 days, then you will most likely ovulate on day 12.

The egg only lasts for about 12 to 24 hours before it begins to disolve and conception becomes impossible.

Sperm generally can live for 3 days to at most 5 days (although some studies say 7 days is possible) inside a girl waiting for her egg. They swim into her uterus/womb through her cervix when they are released from the male penis, and then from her uterus into her fallopian tubes searching for the egg. It is in the fallopian tube that fertilization happens.

This means that starting to have sex 5 days before you ovulate and continuing until 24 hours after you ovulate gives you the best chances to become pregnant. Sex outside of this time is not likely to result in pregnancy.

24 hours after you ovulate, it's no longer possible to conceive for that cycle.

Some girls can tell when they ovulate. If you are sensitive, aware of your fertility cycle, and in-tune with your body you may feel a very quick but sharp pain low in your abdomen/pelvis on one side or the other. This pain can indicate the actual release of the ripe egg. There are studies that show that if you are having sex when the follicle with the egg is ready to burst, that a good, strong orgasm can help trigger the release of the egg. In this case you may not notice that pain over the pleasure of the orgasm.


For most heterosexual and bi-sexual females, sexual intercourse with a male is how the Seed of Life, his sperm, will get into you to create a baby.

When the male and female have sex, the males' penis gets erect, or points up away from his body. This is called an errection. He can then put it into the females' vagina. This is making love, having sex, or if done with the intent of Conscious Conception ritually, it becomes the Ultimate Act of Godhood, the Creation of Life. He will move it in and out while keep it inside her, and it feels very good to both of them. At a certain point, they will have what is called an orgasm. In males, orgasm results in ejaculation - the release of sperm from the penis. In females, one of the results of orgasm is that the uterus contracts and the cervix dips down into the vagina, right into where the semen pools in her vagina. This is why it is important to make sure that the female receives pleasure as much as possible.

It is also possible to introduce donated sperm into the uterus using artificial means, which is sometimes chosen by lesbian females desiring to conceive. Sperm is collected in a syringe, and a catheter is inserted into the uterus through the vagina and cervix. The sperm is pushed from the syringe, through the catheter and into the uterus, and the sperm then swim up the fallopian tube.

This procedure can be VERY expensive, especially if you need to get donor sperm from a sperm bank. Both the sperm bank and the clinic performing the insemination are costly. Because of this, some lesbian couples will select a male to inseminate the partner wanting to get pregnant using sexual intercourse, often while both lesbian partners are present and participating in sexual activity. This offers her the best chances of conceiving.

It is also possible for the male to ejaculate over the vagina without penetrating it after masturbating or being stimulated by another. If the woman or her partner holds her labia open, this can allow the semen direct access to her vagina without phyusical contact or penetration by the male. This removes the need for medical professionals and costly procedures. The best chance of conception without medical intervention, however, is intercourse with full penetration.

If there is sperm waiting in your fallopian tube for the egg when you ovulate, it may fertilize the egg. The egg then begins to grow as it moves down the fallopian tube. It may take up to 6 or 7 more days before the egg implants in the lining of your uterus. If it does not implant, it will be washed out with your next period and the cycle will repeat.

If it does implant in your womb, congratulations! You are pregnant!

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