Wombs Of Lilith

What About Infertility

From Ready Maiden to Mother - Sometimes There Are Issues



Some witches encounter issues with infertility. This can lead to great heartache and sorrow, especially when you see other women that appear to be able to conceive, carry, and bear children with ease. If you have been trying for an extended period of time and have not conceived, you may be facing on infertility obstacle.

Even witches with the strongest desire to become a Womb Of Lilith can be afflicted with infertility. Keep in mind that god fears them above all things, for they have the power to negate his decrees. He may place this obstacle in their way from birth or a young age to prevent them from becoming the thing he most fears.

There are also times when the male is the cause of the infertility. Lucifer has promised to strengthen the seed of His worthy Seedbearers. It is impportant to seek out such a worthy male in your relationships. While the Seedbearers of Satan have a primary responsibility to their own Coven Families, they may also help other women facing infertility if all parties involved agree. Such seed is given in the name and stead of Lucifer. This extends to LBT couples as well.

There are both rituals and medical interventions that can be used to mitigate infertility. This is especially true in multiple-partner Coven Families, where you have the advantage of being with other women.

If medical assistance is sought, find the best clinic in your area. These are sometimes associated with universities. There are blood tests that can identify hormonal issues, and various procedures can identify medical issues.

What If It Never Happens?

Even if you can not bear children, it does not mean that you are broken or somehow lesser. It really means that god hates you so much that he did that to you. That can be an element of pride for you, for you know that he did it to you because he fears what you can be. By becoming part of a multiple-partner Coven Family, you can still fully realize the power, strength, and pleasure of raising children and being a Womb of Lilith..

Multiple-partner Coven Families provide opportunities for even infertile women to enjoy motherhood. While you may not be able to become pregnant and give birth, you can still enjoy helping your Coven Sisters through their pregnancies and becoming another mother to their children. It allows them to experience the joys of seeing their family children grow and learn under your influence. Unlike a conventional family where you might be an aunt, in a Coven Family you can be there all the time to help them and take care of them in this most unique environment.

Even if you can not act as the Womb of the Ritual in an initiation ceremony, you can still participate in such a ceremony. If you participate fully in the ritual, you will be included in all of the effects of the ritual. You will be removed from the dominion, power, and authority of god, just as if you yourself had been the Womb of the Ritual. as will all of the other fully active participants. Having a Coven Family with other coven sisters will open this opportunity for you.

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